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What You Can Do with a Domain Name?

on August 17, 2018 Domains with 0 comments
what you can do with a Domain Name

IS YOUR DOMAIN ONLY YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS? WHAT IS DOMAIN NAME – IN GENERAL? From commercial perspective, we can define a Domain Name as . When we purchase a Domain Name we are taking it off the market so that no one else can use it. But, technically it is easy-to-remember character string that replaces […]

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How to Choose Right SSL Certificate for Your Website?

on August 3, 2018 SSL Certificates with 0 comments
Choose right SSL Certificate for Website

A mum preparing a toddler for her first beach vacation and a seasoned kayaker preparing for Zambia’s whitewater rapid will not reach for the same life jacket. In the digital security world, the purposes and specifications of the various products are also greatly relevant to the consumer, although the differences between them may not be […]

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Why You Should Add SSL Certificate (HTTPS) to Your Website?

on July 20, 2018 SSL Certificates with 0 comments
Why you should add SSL Certificate (HTTPS) to your website

A graphic on why you should add SSL Certificate (HTTPS) to your website. Don’t let your website become victim of Google’s recent web security change! Janarthanan RajuJanarthanan Raju serves as Tech Lead at SRICOMP, helping businesses and companies easily create, manage and grow their endeavors online using internet marketing tools provided by SRICOMP.

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Google Chrome Marks All HTTP Sites as “Not Secure” – Is Your Site Ready?

on July 13, 2018 News, SSL Certificates with 0 comments
Google marks all HTTP Websites as Not Secure

Attention all website, online store and blog owners! This is very important moment to give an attention to secure your site before some major changes take place on the web — including Google Chrome 68. If you missed the February announcement, Google will be marking all HTTP sites as “Not Secure” from this July 2018. […]

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